Assessing the risk from fishing to yellow-eyed penguins

Trophia has been contracted by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) to develop a framework for assessing the risk to yellow-eyed penguins Megadyptes antipodes from fisheries incidental mortality in New Zealand fisheries and define the information requirements for managing fisheries related risk. The specific objectives for this project include:

1. To review existing data on yellow-eyed penguin M. antipodes population performance and fisheries information and provide an analysis of the potential effect of fishing mortality and other factors on population viability.

2. To recommend data collection requirements and protocols for the assessment of the effects of fishing on yellow-eyed penguins.

This programme is designed to use the existing datasets on population characteristics of the species and to examine whether effects of fishing through additional mortality on the population are measurable. This research will inform the need for further data gathering to be undertaken, and will recommend best approaches to addressing the lack of data about fishery – species interactions for the study species.

This project is being done in collaboration with NIWA using a modification of CASAL.

This project is partially funded by the Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (JIMAR) and the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) project ENV2005-13.