Crustacean Stock Assessment in Namibia

During 1999, Nokome Bentley of Trophia took part in a workshop in Namibia, which aimed to:

Review and assess research methods used at present in the lobster and crab research program and recommend alternative methods where necessary.
Review and Assess the Namibian lobster and crab database as well as methods of data analysis.
Assess the population models presently used in the Namibian crab and lobster stock assessment and test alternative models (also consider different levels of stock re-building).
Discuss and recommend a management strategy for both stocks (based on results from the models).
Recommend assessment tools which, should be used by the Namibian scientists in the future assessments of the crab and lobster stocks.
Determine further training requirements which are specific to Crustacean population modelling.

This workshop was funded by the Norwegian aid agency, NORAD.