Fine scale reporting of catch effort information

Trophia was contracted by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries MFish, to consult and report on options for improving the spatial resolution in catch and effort data from New Zeland fisheries.

The demand for more spatial resolution in fisheries catch-effort data comes from managers, scientists and compliance officers and is driven largely by the movement towards managing fisheries at a finer spatial scale.

Several options exist for improving the spatial resolution of catch-effort data. These include recording latitude and longitude and using finer statistical areas. The appropriateness of each option needed to be assessed in terms of its:

benefits for spatial precision and adaptability,

costs of time and equipment necessary to record and manage data,

risks to data accuracy.

This project was funded by MFish project DAT2002-99

Output includes presentations and reports to the Ministry of Fisheries Data Management Working Group: A Final Research Report will soon be available on this site;

Bentley, N., Starr, P.J., Banks, D., Walker, N.A., Anderson, S., Kendrick, T.H., Langley, A.D. and K. Stokes (In Press). Options for finer scale reporting of catch and effort data in New Zealand commercial fisheries. New Zealand Fisheries Assessment Report 2004/ xx.