Monitoring red gurnard in GUR 1

Trophia has been contracted by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) to characterise the red gurnard (Chelidonichthys kumu) fishery in GUR 1 and undertake a CPUE analysis in GUR 1 . The specific objectives for this project include:

1. To characterise the GUR 1 fishery by analysing existing commercial catch and effort data and data from other sources; and to make recommendations on appropriate methods to monitor or assess the status of this Fishstock.

The distribution of the fisheries and of the catch will be described by method, target species, location and season and examined for any trends in fishing behaviour that might influence CPUE indices. Defined fisheries in which to monitor GUR 1 will be established on examination of unstandardised catch rates and encounter rates by target species. If a mixed target fishery is defined then zero catch information will be included, and a binomial model of success/failure of catch used to incorporate that information into the annual indices of catch rates.

New data preparation techniques presented here, which are based on landings rather than estimated catch, may not be necessary for analysing the target fishery, where the catch will be almost perfectly reported (estimated among the top five species) but will be beneficial if a bycatch or a mixed target fishery is defined, and will enable ancillary series from other target fisheries to be better calculated for comparison and possible corroboration of trends if GUR 1 is monitored in the target fishery.

This work is funded by MFish project GUR2005/01