Recreational fishing surveys in the Southern Gulf of Carpentaria – a pilot study

Information on the catch and effort of recreational fishing in the Southern Gulf of Carpentaria is required to ensure the sustainability of fishing activities, and preserve the unique environment and wilderness aspects of this area. The Southern Gulf includes some of the prime recreational fishing locations in Australia with estimates upwards of 80,000 visitors to Karumba and Burketown each year during the winter season . However, a review by Hart (2002) found a lack of recreational fishery monitoring programs in the area.

The objectives of this pilot study were:

To obtain estimates of mean and variability in harvest rates of the principal target species in the Karumba recreational fishery.
To use the estimates of mean and variance to undertake simulations of optimal design for a long-term monitoring program.
To report on the logistics and make recommendations for undertaking a monitoring program for recreational fisheries in the Southern Gulf Region.

This project contributes to the Southern Gulf Environmental Information Program (SGEIP) undertaken by the Australian Centre for Tropical Freshwater Research (ACTFR) on behalf of the Department of State Development, Queensland. The ACTFR is a research and consultancy centre established within James Cook University in 1987 to promote water research, technology and information transfer to industry.