Stock Assessment of the New Zealand Rock Lobster Fishery 2001-02

Trophia is contracted by the New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry Council (NZRLIC) to undertake stock assessment research on New Zealand’s rock lobster fishery for the Ministry of Fisheries. Generalised linear models are used to summarise temporal and spatial trends in the catch rates of lobsters. Trophia is assisting in the development of a size structured population dynamics model for rock lobster stocks in New Zealand. This model will enable estimation of population dynamic parameters, which can assist the Ministry of Fisheries in making recommendations on the size of annual catch quotas.
Year I of III.

Outputs include Presentations to the Ministry of Fisheries Shelfish Working Group meetings, and Final Research Reports available from this site include;

Hart, A.M.; Bentley, N.; Cheng, Y.W. (2004). A review of catch sampling data from logbook and observer programmes in the Jasus edwardsii fishery, New Zealand. NZ Fisheries Assessment Report 2004/ 24 100 p