Glenys Hanley

Project manager

Glenys completed her Bachelor of Science at James Cook University in 1990 and a Graduate Diploma in Education the following year. After several years of work as a research scientist, she completed a Certificate in Management at the Queensland University of Technology in 1996. Glenys has been employed as a researcher in both university and industry positions and has a solid background in marketing and business development. Glenys joined Trophia in 1999 as business manager and completed a Diploma in Applied Finance at the Australian Securities Institute in 2003.

Glenys currently runs her own consulting company, Sertus Ltd. and works with companies in both the fishing and biotechnology industries. Glenys completes Fish Receiver Audits for New Zealand fishing companies, and provides consultancy to biotechnology companies on venture capital options. Glenys continues her involvement as project manager for Trophia research contracts, and is based in Kaikoura, New Zealand.