Nokome Bentley

Fisheries scientist

Nokome is a fisheries scientist based in New Zealand. His research interests include the development, evaluation and selection of fisheries management procedures, particularly for data-limited fisheries, as well as alternative approaches to the general challenges of fisheries modelling and estimation.

After a childhood in Perth, Western Australia filled with fishing, diving and aquariums, Nokome went to James Cook University, Queensland to study Marine Biology. It was there that he first became interested in population modelling and fisheries science. He pursued this interest by completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Fisheries Management and Science at the Australian Maritime College, Tasmania. After spending a couple of years studying abalone at the New South Wales Fisheries Research Institute, itchy feet took him travelling through south-east Asia where he saw first hand the challenges of managing fisheries in developing countries. This led to his research on shark and reef-fish fisheries in Indonesia, the Philippines and the Indian Ocean.

In 1996, Nokome moved to New Zealand and founded Trophia. Nokome’s work in includes CPUE analyses, stock assessment and management procedure evaluation for a variety of fisheries. He is a member of several fisheries assessment working groups in New Zealand and elsewhere. He has developed several software libraries for fisheries simulation and data analysis.