Paul Starr

Fisheries scientist

Paul obtained a Bachelor of science in 1973 from Yale and a Master of Science in 1968 from University of British Columbia, Canada. Paul held various positions as biologist and fisheries manager in British Columbia, mainly with the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), before emigrating to New Zealand in 1991 to work as Fisheries Stock Assessment Scientist, and then Chief Scientist for the NZ Seafood Industry Council (previously New Zealand Fishing Industry Board).

Paul has Experience in stock assessment of a variety of marine species, including deepwater demersal species, inshore demersal species, shellfish (including lobster) and salmon. He has experience in designing marine fisheries research programmes, including biomass tagging surveys, sampling of commercial and recreational catches, and research trawl surveys, and specialises in designing self-monitoring programmes for the collection of scientifically useable information in commercial potting, long line and trawl fisheries.

Since 2000, Paul has been an independent consulting scientist, providing advice to the fishing industry, to government policy makers, and to government negotiators in international fishing treaties. Paul Joined Trophia in 2001 and many of our projects have benefited from his knowledge of the New Zealand ITQ, and catch / effort data systems as well as his experience in the evaluation of research output and interpretation of fisheries data for the purposes of fishery management.

Paul currently splits his year between the summer wine tasting season in New Zealand and the summer rock climbing season in British Columbia, Canada.